2040 LRTP


The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is the blueprint to maintain and enhance our regional transportation system.

Based on current needs and forecasted future growth, the LRTP is a list of multi-modal transportation projects that are needed and can be funded over a 20-year horizon. The Plan is updated every three to five years with projects that are needed the most and can be funded, considering new growth trends, developments and technologies. 

The 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan was approved November 14, 2019.   Visit pathforward2045.com for detailed information.

Reports for the previous 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan are listed below.  Reports for the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan are in our archive.  Please contact Denise Bunnewith, (904) 306-7510, with LRTP questions.


2040 LRTP Final Report

Tech Report #1: Public Involvement

Appendix A: Public Perception Survey Report

Appendix B: Website and Social Media

Appendix C: Allocation Game

Appendix D: Overview Video

Appendix E: Contact List

Appendix F: Overview Brochure

Appendix G: Transportation Tomorrow

Appendix H: Agency Meeting Summaries

Appendix I: Needs Plan Public Workshops

Appendix J: Cost Feasible Plan Public Workshops

Appendix K: Public Hearing

Appendix L: Environmental Justice Communities Maps

Appendix M: Other Correspondence and Public Comment

Tech Report #2: Goals and Objectives
Tech Report #3: Socioeconomic Forecasts
Tech Report #4: Validation Report
Tech Report #5: Freight and Intermodal Forecasts
Tech Report #6: Financial Resources
Tech Report #7: Existing Plus Committed
Tech Report #8: Needs Plan
Tech Report #9: Context Sensitive Streets Guidelines
Tech Report #10: Cost Feasible Plan